Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS)

Unlocking Smart Building Potential with IoT Innovations

In the world of modern technology and building management, RADIUS presents its cutting-edge Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), an advanced solution designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your building. IBMS provides an integrated platform for monitoring and controlling various critical parameters with a view to improving and optimizing the operational efficiency of a building.

Understanding the Integrated in IBMS

Traditionally, a building operates different infrastructure subsystems like electric metering, water metering, DG supply, and street lighting, each functioning in isolation. fundamental change by bringing together these subsystems into a collaborative system of subsystems.

This integration empowers these individual components to communicate, share data, optimize resource utilization, and collectively regulate the facilities and services within the building.

The Power of Integration

IBMS’s ability to adapt these subsystems is explained through practical scenarios. For instance, consider a Diesel Generator (DG) running at 30% of its capacity. Such inefficiency leads to increased fuel consumption. However, an optimal DG operation is at 80% capacity. IBMS goes further by asking, “Can we control this excess capacity of the DG to fill water tanks subsequently?”

The answer is “Yes!” By utilizing this surplus capacity, not only do you save on fuel costs but also reduce electricity expenses, showcasing the real potential of inter-subsystem communication.

IBMS holds the potential of substantial cost reduction in day-to-day operations, aligning with eco-friendly principles and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future.


Energy Saving


Facility Expense Reduction


Water Leakage Reduction


Maintenance Expense Reduction

IBMS holds the potential of substantial cost reduction in day-to-day operations, aligning with eco-friendly principles and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future.

Key Features

Radius’ Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) offers features that can be controlled from a central room. These features are great for contract management agencies that oversee big housing communities or office spaces.

Monitoring and Control

IBMS allows for remote monitoring and control of devices, enabling efficient management of HVAC systems, lighting, and more

Energy Utilization Measurement

Precisely measuring energy utilization, IBMS offers insights into macro and micro-level consumption patterns within the building.

Consolidated Data Analysis

The platform provides a unified dashboard for data analysis, facilitating informed decision-making

Seamless Integration

The system effortlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to smarter building management

Integrated Building Management System Overview

At the installation site, various network configurations are in operation, tasked with capturing data from the diverse subsystems and transmitting it to the backend platform.

Advantages of IBMS

Our IBMS solution integrates monitoring and control, enhancing building efficiency, lowering operational costs, and promoting sustainability by aligning with green principles, ultimately reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Significant reduction in energy consumption and waste.
Increased Property Value: Elevated property and business value.
Sustainability: Implementation of sustainable building infrastructure solutions.
Comprehensive Security: Safeguarding property, occupants, and valuable assets.
Cost Savings: Annual equipment operating costs reduced by approximately 15%.
Environmental Conservation: Contributing to the preservation of natural resources.
Access Control: Controlled access to elevators and building areas.
Effective Security Operations: Minimizing the risk of theft, tampering, and break-ins while enhancing overall security.

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